Customize Your Searchable Apartment Map

The searchable apartment map has several creative settings so you can use the map to generate maximum rental leads on your website. If you are located in Texas you will probably choose to hide the apartment name, address, phone, and website. However, if you are located in another state or if you are a real estate brokerage firm that wants to display searchable apartments on your website, you may choose to display all of the apartment information.


After a renter registers on your apartment map, they can save favorite properties and create their own list. You can see the list they create and they are sent a copy to their email. Even if they don't save any favorites, their name, phone number, email address, and move date are required fields to search the map. You receive the lead capture for every person that searches your map.

Set A Minimum Rent Amount

Limit the apartments displayed on your map by setting a minimum rent. If you change this setting to $1,000, all properties with rent less than $1,000 will be removed. If you leave it blank, all properties will be displayed.

Show/Hide Property Details

Choose to show or hide the apartment name, address, phone number, and website. The map offers three choices (1) never show the apartment details (2) always show the apartment details and (3) show the apartment details after the renter registers.

CRM Integration

You receive an email with the name, phone number, email address, and move date when a renter registers on your map. If you are using a CRM and would like to integrate our notification email with your CRM, let us know and we should be able to integrate our system with your CRM.

Map Zoom Level

Increase or decrease the default map zoom when your map is loaded on your website. Large metro cities will want a different zoom level to show the entire metro area, while smaller cities will want to zoom closer to the city center.

Backend Search Tool

When a person registers on your map, you can see their favorites and you can use the backend search tool to find similar properties. You can create a list of favorites for them and email the renter the list.

Mobile Responsive Features

Google API

Built on the latest Google Map API v3 framework for guaranteed deliverability.

Mobile Responsive

Mobile friendly scrolling without that annoying two-finger requirement.

Points of Interest

Removed Google Points of Interest so website visitors must register to learn the name of the apartment.