Charlotte Apartment Map

Charlotte Apartment Map

The Charlotte apartment map is the easiest way to add searchable Charlotte apartments to any website. If you have an apartment locating website in Charlotte or a real estate website in Charlotte, our searchable apartment map shows renters you have access to all of the apartment inventory. Google claims you have less than ten seconds to communicate to your website visitors that you have the product or service they need. As soon as they see the map, they will know you have access to the apartment information they need.

Apartment Locators

Add our Charlotte apartment map to your website or landing page to give your website visitors real time apartment pricing 24 hours a day. If they are using your website after hours or when you are out of the office, they can begin their apartment search on your website. Since their name, phone, and email address is required to search the map, you are guaranteed to capture their contact information. If you have an auto-responder set up through your CRM, the automation can nurture the lead until you are back in the office and can make contact with the rental lead.

Realtors & Real Estate Agents

If your business primarily focuses on buyers and sellers, adding our Charlotte apartment map to your website will add value to renters and potentially add a new revenue stream working with first time home buyers. If you build a relationship with renters by helping them find an apartment, and create a first time home buyers program so they are qualified to buy their first home when their 12 month lease is up, you will have created loyalty to represent them when they are ready to purchase.


The SEO value of the map is significant. On the page of your website that contains the map, you should write 500 – 2000 words about the Charlotte apartment market, the service you offer to renters, your relocation tools, and explain any incentives you’re offering to new clients. The greatest SEO value are words, or content, so taking the time to write unique content on this page is very important. Several of our clients have seen the map page on their website become the highest ranked page of their entire website after adding our map and writing unique content.

Marketing & Social Media

After you add the map and write unique content, you should advertise the map to your email database and post the page on your social media. I also recommend you add a direct link to your email signature and all other email automation you send to new and past clients. You can also use your page on boosted posts on Facebook or sponsored posts on Instagram.