Frequently Asked Questions

Does It Work On Every Website?

Yes. You can link the map to any button, navigation, text, or embed the map with an iFrame on any website page. You can also link the map to more than one button or text on your website to drive as much traffic as possible.

Do you offer a free trial?

We offer a free live demo that you can test and play with before you buy. Pick any city and click the "Live Demo" button to open the map. The functionality of your map will be exactly the same as the live demo. The only difference is where the leads are emailed. After you purchase the map, the leads will be sent to an email address you designate.

How Do I Install It?

After you purchase the map, you will receive an instant email from with instructions to install the map and the copy and paste code to embed an iFrame on your website.

How Is The Pricing Updated?

All of our apartment maps are updated electronically from data feeds we purchase. New properties are added when they begin their lease up phase. The apartment name, rent, and management company are updated weekly.

Does The Map Increase My SEO?

Yes. The biggest improvement will be the average time spent on your website. Offering an apartment search to your website visitors will keep them on your site longer, and decrease your bounce rate.

Can I Send A List From The Map?

Yes. There is a backend search tool that comes with your map. After a renter registers on your map they can add favorites. You can see the favorites and add more properties to the list.

Is There A Discount For Multiple Cities?

Yes. We offer a 10% discount if you purchase multiple city apartment maps.

Can I Hide The Name Of The Apartments?

Yes. The name of the apartment is hidden by default. We include several settings to display or hide the name, address, phone and website of the apartment after a lead registers and you obtain their phone and email address.

Does The Property Database Include Commission Amount?

No. The data feeds we purchase do not include locating commission. The properties don't publish their commission in any public database. However, if you purchase the map you have access to a dashboard so you can enter the commission information yourself. All users can crowd source the commission information if desired.

Does The Property Database Include Move In Specials?

Yes. Most properties publish the move in special.

Custom Options To Use The Map Your Way

Locators in different markets use the map in different ways. We created several custom options to make the map your own.

Save Favorites

After registration on your apartment map, users can save favorite properties to create their own list. You can see the properties they saved from the backend admin area. Even if they don't save any properties, their name, phone number, email address, move date, and number of bedrooms has already been emailed to your inbox so you can contact them.

Set A Minimum Rent Amount

Limit the apartments displayed on your map by setting a minimum rent. If you change this setting to $1,000, all properties with rent less than $1,000 will be removed. If you leave it blank, all properties will be displayed.

Apartment Name Is Hidden

By default, we hide the name of the apartment from the frontend of the map so the user must request more information directly from you. From the backend of the map the locator can see the name of the apartment and current rent. In map settings, you have many options to show or hide the apartment name.

Email Notifications & CRM

When someone registers on your map, you instantly receive an email with their contact information and rental criteria. Our notification email has a simple layout so it's easy to integrate with any CRM using or We strongly recommend a CRM over just your inbox to respond and nurture leads.

Map Zoom Level

Increase or decrease the default map zoom when your map is loaded on your website. Large metro cities will want a different zoom level to show the entire metro area, while smaller cities will want to zoom closer to the city center.

Backend Admin Tool

The backend admin area of the map allows you to see any properties your leads saved and requested more information. As a locator you are able to see the name of the apartment, current rent, photos, and full property listing. You can easily add or remove apartments from their saved list and share it with your client via email or text.